Welcome to Warpwire

Welcome to Warpwire

Making educational video powerful and easy.

Import your media with ease

Capture and upload straight from your LMS. With flexible importing options, you can upload video, audio, and image files in the way that’s best for you

Batch Import

Upload one or many files at a time.

Mobile Capture

Capture from your phone or tablet directly to Warpwire.

Computer Capture

Capture using your webcam or external camera.

Screen capture

Record your screen directly to Warpwire.

Live broadcast

Create a live broadcast with live chat using Warpwire.


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Custom analytics

Get analytics to help you track media assets, Media Libraries, and system-wide usage. Warpwire reports are designed to easily explore user engagement. Add custom filters and fields, and download your reports straight from the dashboard!

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Mobile friendly

Desktop or phone, tablet or laptop, Warpwire travels beautifully — the same functionality on any device, with no app to install. Warpwire uses your mobile device’s built-in camera to capture. You can also share, embed, and organize your media right from your phone or tablet.

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