Learnbook New Features Update

We’ve been working tirelessly to improve Learnbook, making it easier and more efficient for both administrators and users. So what have we changed? Here’s a very quick list which we will go into more detail for later in this post!

  • Programs and Compliance function
  • Organisational Charts and Structure
  • New login page layout
  • New User Dashboard
  • Skills Functionality
  • Course Filter Function
  • Content store

Programs and Compliance

For those that are new to eLearning, a program within an LMS is defined as an ordered collection of courses, which can be linked to one or more certifications. So for example one program might have 4 courses within it, and the students can gain 2 certificates by completing the entire program

Now a program that needs to be completed on a recurring basis is called a compliance program. Imagine you need to complete safety training every year at your workplace. That in essence is a compliance program.

A Compliance Record captures the Start and End Dates, Certification, Certification Version for the learners Compliance against a specific Certification.

So how will it be used?

This feature will allow you to set and track recurring Programs within your Learnbook LMS. The LMS will also report back to you on how many people have completed or not completed the training, and even send notifications to both Learners and administrators.

This will allow you to keep a track of who is or isn’t compliant, notify users when the deadline is approaching, and create reports to a high level of detail all in the one spot.

Oh also, you can set the program to auto enrol users back into it once the deadline is passed. This automation can save you or your company hours in administration time.

Some of the major features of Programs & Compliance

  1. Recurring Programs based on user enrolment start date
  2. The program can have fixed date compliance enrolment
  3. Bulk Enrol via Cohorts or Org Units Association into the program
  4. Sending notifications to Managers and learners at various stages of the program(On/before/after compliance expiry, On/before/after Training period expiry, etc.,)
  5. Set up auto-enrolment into program Learners
  6. Managers have the ability to accept or reject enrolment request into Program
  7. Reporting at Program Level, User Level, Program Progress percentage, etc.,
  8. You can create a new version of the program by copying the original program. 


  • List of Programs
  • Creating Programs
  • Adding Courses into Programs
  • Program Reporting

Organisational Units

Our Organisational Units feature allows you to build or upload your organisational structure and all the roles associated with it, into the platform. Why is this good? Well it helps you with monitoring teams, as well as following up on their compliance progress.

This feature also allows you to assign managers to teams, so that they can create reports and monitor their team in detail.

Some of the major features of Org Units

  1. Building organisational structure and roles associated with it.
  2. Able to assign a manager for each Organisational Unit to monitor the user progress inside that Unit.
  3. Able to assign one or multiple Delegate Managers with a start and end date when a manager is away for a specific period of time.
  4. Managers can access the Programs and Compliance reporting for their Organisational units and any Units level below.
  5. Able to bulk upload Organisational Units and Assign Users to Org Units.


  • Org Unit Structure
  • Assigning Managers
  • Manager Level Reporting

New User Profile

We’ve improved on the original User Profile, and are now giving you more information than ever! Each tab on the right hand section gives you a different report, so you get 4 reports in the one space!

The 4 tabs report on the following:

  1. Courses enrolled and its completions with an Expired courses section
  2. Programs enrolled and its completions with an Expired Programs section
  3. Skills acquired by completing programs with an Expired Skills section
  4. My Certificates have been moved from Menu to User Profile so that users can find all their information at one place.

Oh and did we mention that it looks even better?

New Login Page Layout

Learnbook now has a new login page! There are three options to choose from, so if you still like your old one don’t stress! You can choose which template you would like to use from the “Theme Options” – “Login Page” section of your Learnbook LMS

The Footer of your LMS can now be customised to add hyperlinks and social channels as you like. You can spice up your footer through the Learnbook settings page of your LMS.


Our new skills function allows administrators to create and assign skills to programs. Once the program has been completed by the user they will acquire all the skills assigned to it.

So why is this helpful? It allows users to illustrate their skill set and share that with the organisation. This is especially helpful for career pathways through the learner showing that they have the skills necessary for a promotion or a shift to a new role within the organisation.


  1. List of achieved skills

2. Assigning Skills to a Program

Content Store

So you might have heard that we are giving away free courses every week to assist organisations during this COVID 19 pandemic.

Well this function allows us to make these resources available to all our Learnbook customers. By visiting the content store you can access all the available courses, and as more are released they’ll also be added to your LMS!

Course Filter

Not only does our course dashboard have some shiny new UI, we’ve also added in some extra functionality.

Administrators will now be able to add filters and hide selected courses from users. This assists users by only showing them courses and programs that relate to them.

So What Is Next?

All these new amazing features got you itching for more? Well the good news is we have a heap more features coming down the pipeline. If you’re looking for something particular or want to make a suggestion about what you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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