Need to get your systems talking to each other? With our powerful integrations you can get started with no additional expense. Learnbook is designed to work out of the box with powerful software from other leading providers.

Why Integrate your LMS with other systems?
Managing your data with any system should be highly efficient and you want real time, accurate data right across your school or organisation. With our integrations, we give you the ability to automatically sync your data. Let’s say your using Salesforce and you add a new user. There’s no more work to be done, your data will automatically sync to Learnbook and create them a new learning account!
What if my system isn’t listed?
These days, with open API’s we can communicate with most systems. It’s likely the current software youre using has API (application programming interface) documentation available, which will allow us to interconnect. If not, we can create your integration from scratch. Project fees will apply.