Find out all about our amazing customisable features.

Find out all about our amazing customisable features.

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Our Mission

Our aim was to make Learnbook as customisable as possible, to ensure that you have an LMS that suits all your needs.

Build categories and courses

Multiple authentication/enrolment methods

Extended theme configuration

Seamless integrations with other providers

Our Mission

Customisable features

We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to create a LMS for your needs.


Choose from our huge selection of community and premium plugins.

Responsive Screen Design

Design individual screens, and see them update as you go. Making editing so easy.

Site Wide Branding

Extensive site wide branding allows you to easily make your LMS your own

Question Bank

Customise your question bank, allowing your courses to be as in-depth as you need.


Customise your reports for in depth analysis of multiple variables.


Get access to Helpdesk through the Learnbook platform.