Coronavirus: How to Work From Home Effectively With eLearning

With the recent Coronavirus (or COVID-19) outbreak, many employees and indeed entire workforces are now being forced to make the move to work from home. Unfortunately, this brings with it a variety of challenges as some companies don’t have the infrastructure to support such a large number of employees moving online.

As a company, you still need to be able to communicate, keep your data secure, and make sure that your workforce is compliant. Your employees working at home also includes making sure their workstations are safe.

So how can companies do this cheaply and effectively? The answer is a Learning Management System. This article will identify the main benefits of an LMS and show you just how easy it is to implement one today!


The essential tool for almost all online learning deployments, Learning Management Systems (LMS) has a wide variety of uses and benefits. If you’re a training organisation or a company looking to cut down staff training costs, online learning is the future. LMS provides organisations with a practical and easy way to provide training to a large number of learners. It allows you to place all your training modules in the one location, cutting down on administration costs and reducing the risk of losing valuable information. The system also tracks learner progress and performance and can provide you with customisable highly detailed reports.


Whilst at the office communication is easy, you either need to walk over to someone’s desk to ask a question or even shout from the other side of the office (maybe not). However with everyone kilometres apart during this Coronavirus quarantine, employees need a singular space for all office communication whilst working from home. Tools such as Google Hangouts and Slack are well-known tools for just that. They allow you to create rooms and group chats for separate teams within the workspace, and messages are instant. However these apps are another location or tab for an employee to have open, and not all platforms have the same level of security. An LMS, however, has the same functionality in the one location and is secure along with all your other company files.

A plugin like Big Blue Button (Free with any Learnbook installation) allows you to have mass company meetings, add groups and much more. eCreators recently used it for our staff meeting of over 25 people and it was fantastic. An LMS such as Learnbook also has inbuilt Direct Messaging for private messages. 


Your LMS also has the capability to track and report on user progress through tasks and courses. If you want to know which of your employees has participated and completed your compliance training, you can get your answer in real-time, straight from your platform. This becomes incredibly important whilst your employees are working from home. This will allow you to ensure employees are compliant on things such as workplace health and safety, or even the appropriate use of work devices whilst at home. Through eLearning, you can deliver and track these compliance courses, and guarantee your employees make the switch to working from home smoothly, safely and appropriately.


Are you a business that has an on-premises server that you self manage to ensure security? If your workforce now has to work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak you may have to consider a cloud-based application to keep your workforce connected. Luckily, thanks to companies such as Amazon Web Services and Alibaba, cloud-based systems can be as secure as your previous local server. Cloud hosting is also scalable, so as more of your workforce potentially move to working from home, you can adjust your plan accordingly.

In terms of cost, cloud-hosting can be quite cheap month to month! Your hosting provider can charge you a monthly fee so if after the Corona pandemic you find you no longer need the cloud server, you can shut it down!

An LMS on a secure cloud server can really keep your business connected and your data safe, plus you can find a no-lock in contract so that if you want to go back to how things were before COVID-19, you can!


Another great feature of an LMS is that it can increase the level of engagement and goodwill your employees have towards your company whilst working from home. A great way to do this is through gamification, which is the process of adding game mechanics such as point scoring, competition with peers and levelling up to new areas of activity. We all love games, so why not keep your employees engaged whilst working from home by adding some friendly competition against their coworkers, or letting them gain points for rewards through doing tasks? Gamification has been found to reinforce good behaviour, increase teamwork and collaboration and even get people addicted to tasks (great for companies right?)

Adding gamification into your LMS is simple and easy through a plugin from Motrain! You can have your employees competing against each other throughout the Coronavirus lockdown quickly and easily.


So you’re probably wondering what the process looks like to get yourself one of these amazing eLearning systems? Well, the first step is to get in contact with an eLearning expert. eCreators has over 12 years experience in the industry and a team of really nice professionals to help you on your journey (we won’t bite!) Once you’ve gotten in contact with someone, they will flesh out your requirements, provide you with a plan that is tailored for your needs and answer each and every one of your questions. If you decide to go ahead with implementing one of these awesome systems, we can have you set up and ready in 24 hours (seriously). 

We recognise that this Coronavirus pandemic is a really stressful time and we are here to make your transition just that little bit easier through our eLearning expertise. Get in contact with us here for any and all enquiries or questions.

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