About Us

About Us

Our mission, services and our great team

Our mission, services and our great team

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Our Mission

For 14 years, we’ve been on a mission to provide a safe, effective and naturally beautiful environment for learners to flourish and succeed. Created by eCreators in Australia, we rapidly outgrew our mother company, and now stand on our own two feet.

We create product with purpose

We provide dedicated support

We act on future trends and needs

We operate an ethical organisation

Our Mission

Learnbook LMS

Welcome to Learnbook, a simple, high functioning and beautifully designed open source LMS


Your courses are fully customisable with Learnbook – make every feature suit your requirements!

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User Friendly

An easy to use interface for both learners and administrators, meaning quick learning and easy adoption.

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Awesome Reporting

reporting block provides you with instant data and the opportunity to customise your reports.

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Meet your transformation team

Dean Saunders
Dean Saunders Founder and CEO

The dreamer, the innovator, the guy who drives the vision.

Trevor Hutt
Trevor Hutt Chief Technology Officer

The brains, the tech genius, the one who makes it all work.

Liam Liddicoat
Liam Liddicoat Commercial Manager

The one who makes sure its implemented well and you get the most from it.

Sally Matheson
Sally Matheson Operations Manager

The oil for the cogs to ensure all of our moving parts move well. Over 17 years experience in the NGO space.

Ashley Kamerhoffer
Ashley Kamerhoffer Solutions Consultant

Ash is responsible for development of tailored education design for a range of our commercial customers.

Rob Hunt
Rob Hunt Senior Developer

Responsible the creation of most of our amazing systems and plugins, Rob is a genius in his field.

Dani Soccio
Dani Soccio Customer Success

Ensuring your system is well documented and easy to use in Dani’s charge. She’ll train you and assist you every step of the way.

Sara P
Sara P Business Analyst

Ensuring your requirements are gathered, built, tested and deployed successfully.

A K M Safat Shahin
A K M Safat Shahin Education and Success Officer

Ensuring your questions are answered in a timely and professional manner. An up and coming developer!

Shaye PM
Shaye PM Marketing Manager

Responsible for the spread of our message and our communications.

Kristian Terry
Kristian Terry Content Team Lead

With experience in AR/VR development, Kristian is involved in coaching and mentoring the content team to deliver quality results.

Jake Garner
Jake Garner Marketing Assistant

The heavy lifter working on our brand messaging and social mediums.

Prathiba Sugumar
Prathiba Sugumar Education staff member

Here to assist with any problem you have, and train you in how to deliver amazing content.

Chloe Hynes
Chloe Hynes Admin Assistant

Performing general admin duties assisting the CEO and Operations functions.

Wendy Johns
Wendy Johns Senior Instructional Designer

Creative genius. Wendy created sound pedagogical courseware that will create change, upskill and inform your learners.

Fouad Sakali
Fouad Sakali DeOps

Keeping our systems stable and in tune, Fouad heads up our DevOps capability.

Mandy Wallace
Mandy Wallace Payroll Manager

All things finance, Mandy is responsible for financial reporting and payroll.